Hi, I'm Robert DeBok, a Technical Writer and IT professional. I recently received my B.A. in Technical Communication and New Media at the University of South Florida. This is a little website that showcases my writing ability, familiarity with technology, and everything else I learned while earning my degree. Many different applications from production to distribution were used to create this portfolio. You will discover that I am a well-rounded individual capable of digesting and understanding many different complex subjects and I would be an asset to any team.

I am motivated by new hardware and software products and love the challenges they bring. Additionally, working with new people is equally rewarding. I feel strongly that collaboration in an open environment is one of the biggest keys to success. I have many years of personal experience in providing IT support to family and friends as well as a local law office and restaurant. I am currently working toward receiving both the A+ and CCNA certification. I have a passion for information systems-related technology and love learning about current and upcoming products. Feel free to contact me to find out more.