Instructional Video

The following video was produced as group project in Advanced Technical Communication. This was an interesting project to explore media I had not worked with before. My contribution was in creating the storyboard and script along with filming.

The storyboard and script I created can be downloaded here. In order to view the storyboard, you must download and install Celtx. Celtx is open source video production software. You may download Celtx from CNET .

Text in Motion

This was a fun project. For visual rhetoric, we were asked to use a song and apply the lyrics in a manner that helped amplify the message. I used Adobe After Effects to create a SWF file of the moving text and music. Afterwards, I exported to an uncompressed Quicktime movie then transcoded one last time to FLV to host on my youtube channel. The song is a remake of a Jimi Hendrix classic called "Bold as Love" by John Mayer.