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The Big Born story...

Years ago my Grandpa Born was in a wheelchair with incredible back pain. Because of the pain he was unable to reach his arm upward to grab the shower head when he would shower.

As a result, he had to endure having others help him with the simple task of showering. He soon figured if he could just place the shower head lower in the shower he could shower alone. He searched the market for a shower head holder that could be placed anywhere in the shower, and was shocked to find no such product.

Never one to accept defeat, my Grandpa Born set out to invent a shower head holder that would help people like himself shower privately and without pain.

Since that time, others have invented similar products. The uniqueness of my grandpa Born's product, however, is in the simple design. Other holders grip the stem of the shower head, and the uneven distribution of weight makes the product breakable. It is also common to see models that are meant to be placed high up in the shower, making the shower head difficult and painful to reach. Another common design will protrude out into the shower, taking up space and breaking easily. Even the models with suction cups to attach the holder can easily fall off the wall causing damage or even injury. The double sided adhesive include in my grandfather's shower head holder will reliably hold your shower head anywere.

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