1. For more information about Goodwill's Reconnect, visit Goodwill's Reconnect website.

2. Please visit WCE's website for more information about this wonderful approach to e-waste. You will be inspired by their story.

3. I encourage you to read more about NCF as well. Another brilliant approach to solving an urgent environmental issue.


Much like recycling, reusing a PC can be accomplished a few ways. The first thing to consider is whether anyone you know personally needs a PC. Young adults getting ready to move on to college need a PC, especially laptops, to complete many types of assignments and communicate with professors and staff. If you cannot think of anyone you know personally with a need for a PC, then ask local organizations you may be associated with. Perhaps your church, a school, or local charity could benefit from a donated PC. I encourage everyone to think locally first because that is the most efficent way to make an impact in your own community.

Image courtesy of Goodwill

If you cannot find anything local, then there are a few larger national programs that accept PCs as donations. One example is Goodwill, through Dell's take-back program and a partnership with Goodwill, a donation may be made through Goodwill's Reconnect Program1. However, if a consumer drops off any brand except Dell at a Goodwill collection site, he or she is charged $10 to take the item.

Image courtesy of WCE

Another good program is the World Computer Exchange (WCE)2. WCE is an education and environment nonprofit organization committed to improving the opportunities for youth in developing countries by connecting them to the skills, opportunities and understanding of the Internet while keeping working computers out of landfills. This is a unique philanthropic approach to multiple global issues.

National Cristina Foundation
Image courtesy of NCF

Similar to WCE, the National Cristina Foundation (NCF)3 is another organization with a philanthropic solution to the issue of e-waste. NCF provides computer technology and solutions to give people with disabilities, students at risk and economically disadvantaged persons the opportunity, through training, to lead more independent and productive lives.

Whether you choose one of these three organizations or find your own cause, donating PCs for reuse is a multi-faceted solution that will make you feel good. Make a difference and donate today.