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SFZero: An interface for San Francisco. That is to say, a new representation for the data that's already there. Your mind is full of /inaccurate/ representations that are affecting the way you use the San Francisco dataflow: steering you away from interaction and collaboration and towards unproductive reflexive data loops (forNext). SFZero designers are working double-shifts to engineer this next-generation interface that will bring you together with your cohabitants to experience the freedom that is /hard-coded/ into San Francisco's protocol(living in San Fraancisco is not necesssary).

Read and learn more about SFZero by visiting their website. www.sf0.org

Bach Mann

Instead of playing a character in some game over the internet, how would you feel about playing a character in reality around your local community? That is the idea behind www.sf0.org. SF0 is a virtual game played in reality where players earn points and level up by documenting the completion of tasks.

SF0 can be a rewarding and educational experience if you get involved. This game is about community and the more you are a part of a community the better you will do in this game. Just like any MMO, meaningful projects get done with teamwork.

In SF0, you are first asked to put up a picture of your character. This picture, which will be used as your avatar, does not need to be an actual photo of you, but it should represent your character. From there, you decide on projects to do that appeal to you. As you complete tasks, you gain points; not only by submitting proof, but also from other players that enjoyed your praxis (completed tasks). This is where the social aspect of the game begins to have an effect. Of course, if you are part of a team or collaborative group, then you will view one another's praxis often and vote favorably. As you gain points, your character levels up.

I was not feeling creative when I signed up and I just quickly used my webcam to get a snapshot of me to use as my avatar. Thankfully, I am somewhat of a prankster anyway, so my character is represented by me. I knew just from the short introduction during lecture that I would get a majority of my tasks from SNIDE(Society For Nihilistic Intent And Disruptive Efforts). However, it was agreed that anyone who played with this group and ended up arrested, also failed the assignment. So I had to be careful and select harmless tasks. Only three of my tasks (including the player photograph initial task) were from a group other than SNIDE. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun.

After reading through the first few SNIDE tasks, I settled on "One Letter Off". This involved changing a sign by one letter to change its meaning. There was a sign in the library for someone offering private math tutoring. I changed this sign to meth tutoring because I thought it was a worthwhile and much needed service for the campus. Once I completed this task and posted it the community, I was hooked. I started reading and categorizing potential future tasks. I even figured out that I could do "Merci" and "Put-pocketing" together and complete two tasks simultaneously. That was a big point pusher. With the tasks presented inside this website's theater I reached level 3 with a total of 219 points and made the leveel of cheater within the SNIDE group.

It was not all fun and games though. I had to learn how to properly navigate and communicate within the SF0 online community. I had to figure out how to use Audacity to split and splice audio files together, and I learned more ways to use XHTML and CSS while creating this website. However, my favorite experience was learning a few painting tips from my wife in order to complete "Player Portrait" for the aesthemetics. While playing a game, I managed to communicate and learn.

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