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The first task reads: "Take a picture of yourself. " This is the only time a sous rature gesture will be made, so let us remind you: you may be your character, but your character need not be you.

"Player Photograph" is the first task available to everyone after joining. It is a straightforward task, you upload a picture of your character (need not be you) to use as your avatar. Feeling particuliarly uncreative at the time, I simply turned on my Inspiron Duo's webcam and snapped a still. Using the default Dell Image manipulation utility, I added the random two moon border. I may decide to be more creative with my avatar in the future, but for now, this will do.

sf0 avatar

OK, so this wasnot exactly an Oscar winner, but I did get my feet wet. The task forced me to familiarrize myself with the navigation and utilities available on the SF0 website.





Find a sign, poster, advertisement or other publicly-displayed message that would be improved by (physically) changing a single letter. Make the necessary change.

Being a dedicated student, I spend a lot of time in the school's library. The library has a plethora of services to aid students in their quest for academic mastery. Of course, one of these services is tutoring and one of the most in demand subjects for tutoring is math. The math tutoring is performed by upper level students and, by design, offers a two-fold return. The students tutoring are not only helping struggling students but they are themselves strengthening their own skills through repetition. I am a big fan of this structure and it is a little unsettling when an outsider comes into the library to peddle his or her own tutoring wares. Many places off, but around, campus are more appropriate locations for such individuals to practice marketing their skills. The way I see it, if they are going to advertise services in the library, they need to offer services not already available in the library. For example, here is a sign I found recently: Chosen Sign

Here is a close up of this sign. Close Up

As I stated earlier, the school offers top notch math tutoring and this ware need not be peddled here. Instead of just removing the sign, I decided to offer a suggestion for a different skill that Mr. Madi could teach students. After all, the economy is a bit rough and we all could use a helping hand.

As I made my way through a few cold and frosty beverages, I finally came up with a perfect subject. Society has agreed that there are certain subjects everyone should learn. These have become staples in the American School System. However, since the 1960s, Americans have also agreed that we need to teach children about drugs. This fact is evident by the plethora of programs our government has initiated to get the word out. In fact, the U.S. spends a major portion of taxpayer's money on drugs. However, for some reason, we have neglected to get drug education into the schools alongside math, science and humanities.

Enter Mr. Madi. Thanks to me, this highly skilled private tutor has a new marketable angle. He will now, in addition to his math tutoring services, offer meth tutoring to all ages. I believe teaching students to correctly use meth is a critical and possibly life-saving service. This new tutoring service is the epitome of interdisciplinary studies. Edited Sign in Place





Record another player speaking without them noticing. Then edit the audiofile(s) to change what they say into what you want them to say.

I followed the lead of one of my classmates and completed this task using Dr. Santos as the subject. This was my first experience with Audacity, which seems to be a pretty intuitive program for audio manipulation.

The professor was explaining collective intelligence to us and using SF0 as a prime example. Of course, I tried figuring out where he saw intelligence in here. In any event, it was a perfect time to complete this task because he is a player. This audio bite shows his lack of confidence in wiki to get pages generated and the ability of people to watch youtube videos at a feverish pace.

Click here to listen.





Paint a fellow player - we'd really prefer that you use their player photo as your model, though. Any medium/style, but let us know what you end up doing with it.

OK, I feel the need to give some sort of disclaimer before unveiling my product to you. I am by no means an artist (but I have played one on TV). My wife is the one that enjoys painting and occasionally ropes me into it. Which, by the way, if anyone is looking for an interesting night out, check for a Painting with a Twist in your area. You can bring in your favorite wine or beer and they guide you through a painting. It is a fun and unique time out, but I digress. My abilities are less than spectacular; however, when I read this task, I knew I had to give it a whirl.

So, without further adieu, I give you me painting the Professor and the Princess. I took a little bit of creative liberty in determining who was the princess ;)

Here is my work area prepared for the event: Work Area

The picture I used for my inspiration: Player's Avatar

I took a little time to sketch my victims into place first. Sketch

Oh hey there, hello. Me Behind the Canvas

And were off! Applying paint like Van Gogh but I think I will keep both my ears. First Strokes

Everyone knows that one of the most crucial steps to painting is adding happy trees. Do they look happy enough? Happy Trees

Time to fast forward here. I know I should have taken some more progress pictures; however, I got so into painting this masterpiece that I forgot to call my photographer over. Update

Well after accumulating enough paint under my fingernails, this piece is ready for its close up. Please be gentle. Final

My favorite part is the tiara. It really fits the princess well. :D





Whilst in Scotland, I couldn't help but notice that along the roadway, there were signs posted, simply saying, "Thank You". These signs were as regular as stop signs, or speed limit signs. I asked my grandfather,"why are there Thank You signs posted?" He replied,"Well, it's thanking us for driving safely. Also, if you can't read the sign, you're driving too fast." He may have been telling the truth, but I preferred to interpret the sign at face value, like a bumper sticker that says, "Don't be a jerk." Just "Thank You". Make a Thank You sign, and post it appropriately. Thank you.

Task 5 and Task 6 are related. I saw them both as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. I made my signs from business card stock that I had lying around. Very portable and can be placed nearly anywhere. Thank You Card

I only have three pictures to share on this project, but i plan on making this an on-going task and add to it from time to time.

While waiting for my wife to turn in the old lease at Sun Toyota, I decided that any customers wandering through the halls deserved to see a thank you hanging on the wall for them. It can be very boring waiting around in a dealership for anything, so if I brought a small smile to anyone's face, it was a success.

Here the card rests between the frame and glass of some baseball memorabilia: Sun Toyota Wall

Stopping in the local Beef O' Brady's for some lunch was another great excuse to give out another card.

This card will be waiting for some lucky idividual to get it as a coaster: Beef O' Brady's bar

Have you ever had to wait in your attorney's office? Good times, right?

Well, if anyone needs a thank you, it is the clients that will see this card staring at them when they come in and are greeted by the receptionist: Card Holder Receptionist Desk

Stay tuned for more cards in the future.





Go into a crowded area with various items that you are willing to part with, and secretly place them in a stranger's bag or pocket.

I took the same cards from Task 5 and put them to work in this task. Bags, for obvious reasons, are much easier than pockets. As with Task 5, I will periodically update this task with progress pictures.

So, I headed to a local watering-hole to play some video poker and put-pocket a few people.

This is a friend of mine and his overall's pocket was begging for a thank you. Overall Pocket

The next two were randome women's bags on either side of me. Overall Pocket
Overall Pocket





Document something you are prohibited from documenting.

So the curators of the Dali Museum think they can stop me? Ha, side pockets and smart phone are all I need to thwart their autority. Enjoy this short video of of the new media and beginnings exhibit at the Salvador Dali Museum.





Replace some other person's posessions with paper/cardboard models. (Don't feel restricted in size.)

I thought about doing our bedside remote, but that seemed so cliché. As I pondered what I could recreate, I was getting a tickling sensation around my calf. Then I thought, that's it! I will do the cats. Now technically I guess people will say that isn't someone else's property. To that I simply say you have never met my wife. I am reminded every day how much they are her cats and that no other priorities exist above them.

Deciding what I was going to model, I set out on seeing what I had to model with. Well, wouldn't you know that we have tons of pictures of the cats to use. So I grab some card stock and decide on a picture to print on the stock. I settled on this picture of both Speedbump and Missy resting on the couch together. Speedbump and Missy on the couch

I noticed as the printer ejected its product, one of my color inks is out and the image was a little less than optimal. However, I thought it was adequate and proceeded to set the kitties free from their card stock prison. Cats being printed to stock Cutting cats from stock

I did not expect much, but, to my surprise, they made themselves at home everywhere. Cardboard kitties on sofa Cardboard kitties on bar stool Cardboard kitties on kitty condo Cardboard kitties on futon

I am growing fond of these new and improved kitties. Much less maintenance with this variety. The real test will be what mommy thinks when she comes home to find the new and improved kitties sleeping on her pillow. new kitties on mommy's pillow