E-waste website

Obsolete PC Website screen capture

For Advanced Technical Writing, students were asked to build a website with a specific focus related to the ongoing problem of e-waste. For my submission, I created a website called Obsolete PC which aids people in deciding what to do with their old unwanted computers. The website is both green and helpful.

SF0 Website

screen ccapture of usf0 tasks page

The assignment was to become a part of the SF0 community and complete tasks in the game, take the experiences and document them on a website. I decided to learn how to manipulate z-indexing for this assignment. I used the theme of a theater to playback the pictoral documentaries. This project showcases what can be accomplished with only XHTML and CSS.

Born Products

screen capture of born products page

My mother and my brother both have little items they sell online. They share webhosting and asked that I put together a basic site with information about the products each of them sells. I created the Born Products logo using Adobe Illustrator. The website is a three-column div layout. It allows for additional navigation on the left and an ordering section on the right. This basic ordering page fulfilled both my mother's and my brother's needs.